Keynotes - Jael Richardson

Jael Richardson’s debut novel, Gutter Child was an instant best seller and a finalist for the 2021 Amazon First Novel Award. In addition to her novel, Richardson is also the author of The Stone Thrower, a memoir about her father, CFL quarterback Chuck Ealey, which was converted into a picture book in 2016.

As the Executive Director for the FOLD, Richardson travels internationally to talk about the importance of reading diverse books and creating inclusive events. She also serves as the monthly book columnist and occasional guest host at CBC’s q. In this dynamic keynote address, Richardson will unpack the story behind the FOLD, incorporating personal stories about the books that have impacted her journey as a writer and the ones that continue to shift her perspective on life, reminding all of us about the incredible power of stories.


Friday 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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  • Jael Richardson

    Our afternoon keynote will be the dynamic, two-time Toronto District School Board Writer-in-Residence. Jael has travelled across Canada, as well as internationally, to present on the craft of writing, and the challenges surrounding history, race, and identity in Canada. 

Keynotes - Iron Dog Books (1:15-1:45) Indigenous books

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Friday 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM

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  • HIlary Alteo

Keynotes - Inspirations to Reforge Human Connections: We Rise

Our resilience has been forged from the flames of the trials of this year.  And, what a year it has been. We have become more adaptable, more flexible, and even more service oriented in support of our school community. We filled in positions that we wouldn’t traditionally do; where there were gaps we rose to the challenge.  We, along with others, have become frustrated, exhausted and in some cases pulled from the job that we love. As this new school year begins we are hopeful that some normalcy will be restored. So how do we gain back some of those rich connections we are used to in our Library Learning Commons (LLC) and our school community at large? How do we rebuild these relationships and forge new ones? How do we bring more fun back into our schools?


Friday 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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  • Devika Chudy

    Devika has been a Teacher-Librarian for ten years at Golden Ears Elementary. She has recently completed her Master’s in Teacher-Librarianship at the University of Alberta. Dev is a master at costuming and connecting with students through her quirky personality. She’s also pretty good at the tech piece, as she rebuilt the BCTLA website during her position as Website Coordinator.

  • Marilyn Lunde

    Marilyn Lunde is a secondary Teacher Librarian at JL Crowe in Trail, BC who is hoping to keep up with all the initiatives that she wants to implement. She is about keeping connected and continuing to create a place of access in a world turned upside down. When not reading, walking and spending time with her bestie, she is hopeful that others are learning new ways to keep healthy and engaged.


  • Keely Thornton

    Keely is a Teacher-Librarian at Monterey Middle School in Victoria. She has been an active member of the BCTLA for over a decade now and loves connecting kids with books, teachers with resources, and Teacher-Librarians with each other. You will usually find her manning the welcome table at the conference, presenting fun activities to do with books, or running the social so she can talk with as many of her fellow T-L’s as possible.