Conference Fee BCTLA Membership additional cost
BCTLA Conference (Online Only) $ 40 $ 40
BCTLA Conference (In-Person) $125 $40
Treasure Mountain Canada 7 $175 $ 40
Combined BCTLA Conference + Treasure Mountain Canada 7 $275 $40

What you get:

Online Only - A limited conference program of 2-3 choices in each session block plus the endnote with Ivan Coyote

In-person - Full BCTLA Conference at New Westminster Secondary School, Coffee and Snacks in the AM, Catered Lunch. Both the in-person keynote and the endnote.

TMC 7 - Opening event and evening meal at the Boathouse Resturant on Friday evening, Full day research symposium on Saturday with breakfast and lunch provided.

Combined - Both the In-Person BCTLA Conference and TMC7.