Cashing-in on the Currency of a Knowledge Economy

Teaching and learning have been transitioning through a dramatic shift, as we dive deeper into the digital age and explore the oversaturated knowledge market. Our societies have been built upon the goal of obtaining knowledge and skills, but with massive amounts of content so readily available, how do educators best value, qualify, and imbue knowledge to students while also providing a means to develop the skills necessary to navigate the flooded information market? Learners need to develop the ability to navigate the information marketplace by making sound investments in the skills needed to create continued and sustainable wealth with the plethora of options, engagements, and understandings available to them. Let’s discuss how educators can best fill the wallets of students, so that they can cash-in on all of the options available to them in our multimodal, multimedia, multi-understanding multiverse. 


Skills Based Currency for Wealth in a Knowledge Economy:


  • Production

  • Performance

  • Communication

  • Problem-solving

  • Connection 

  • Collaboration

  • Critical Thinking

  • Flexibility 


Friday 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Holly Jezovit


    Holly Jezovit is a Teacher-Librarian and Middle School Specialist currently living and teaching in Lillooet, BC. Born and raised in Southern Ontario, she attended York University in Toronto, earning a Bachelor of Arts Specialist Honours degree in English. After receiving her Master of Teaching from Griffith University in Australia, her first teaching position led her in a polar opposite direction to the small hamlet of Fort Resolution, NWT. Holly spent 6 years teaching and learning in a K-12 school, where she was able to deeply embed land, culture, and language into her pedagogy. During this time she developed her skills as a Literacy Specialist and redesigned curriculum and instruction within the middle years, adopting an interdisciplinary, inclusive, and inquiry based model. After taking some time off to raise her two young children, Holly joined the team at Lillooet Secondary School, and has been working to develop the middle school program, which centres around project based learning. She is a passionate advocate for inclusive education --  focussing on neurodivergence, culture, LGBTQ2S+, and trauma-informed practices.