How to teach humour for stress relief, life skills and fun!

This workshop is an informative and interactive session discussing the place of humour in your classroom. Susan has “lived” humour in her own classroom and has developed actual humour lessons suitable for the grade eight (and up) level. She will discuss how humour works in the classroom and how to solve and resolve problems through humour. This will spill over to the staff room as well.

After participating in this workshop, teachers will:

·      Be able to discuss humour with their students

·      Teach a unit about humour to Grade eight (and up) students

·      Encourage students to bring out their “inner comic” by developing a funny story about themselves.


Friday 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM

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  • Susan Carter

    Susan Carter holds a B.Ed. from the University of Regina and has taught in four provinces.  In 1993 she decided to act upon a long-time dream of doing stand-up comedy – and was pleasantly surprised to find that people were willing to laugh with her!

    Susan shows you how to deal with our teaching world with a laugh. Creative coping ideas come from years of teaching Junior High!

    After thirty years of full-time teaching, Susan retired from Elk Island Public Schools to continue to substitute teach, speak to teachers, and of course learn how to deal with zoom!