CTRL-F: Simple Verification Skills for a Complex Information Environment


Students struggle to evaluate information online. Groundbreaking recent research tells us that a key reason for this is that they are using the strategies they’ve been taught. CTRL-F is a new verification skills program from CIVIX. It is built on simple contemporary digital media literacy techniques that have been demonstrated to help students sort reliable from unreliable information. Participants will become familiar with the CTRL-F skills and rationale, and leave with classroom ready tools.


Friday 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

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  • Jessica Johnston

    Jessica Johnston is the Director of Digital Media Literacy Programming at CIVIX, a national education charity dedicated to building the habits and skills of informed citizenship among youth. Jessica leads the organization's CTRL-F program, which equips teachers with tools and resources to help students contextualize and evaluate the information they see online.