Loose Parts in the Library Learning Commons - awaken creativity, deepen critical thinking and empower learning (K-7)

Join Marianne Vande Pol, SD73 Early Learning Coordinator and Andrea Wallin, SD73 District Library Learning Commons Coordinator as they share SD73’s journey with using loose parts, provocations and engaging in inquiry based learning in the Library Learning Commons. Examples will be shared from the 2017 Summer Institute, early learning explorations with picture books and natural objects, and curriculum themed centres. When students interact with loose parts, they enter a world of “what if” that promotes the type of thinking that leads to inquiry, curiosity and joy. We are excited about the collaborative possibilities that loose parts provide and hope this workshop will help you enhance your ability to develop exciting loose parts inquiry and play-based settings in your Library Learning Commons.


Friday 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

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  • Andrea Wallin

    As District Library Coordinator for over 17 years, Andrea Wallin has experience supporting inquiry-based learning initiatives, digital literacy & citizenship programs and information services. She responsibile for managing the district resource centre library and providing district-wide library services for 47 schools. Andrea is most passionate about designing inclusive welcoming spaces and co-teaching lessons that invokes curiosity and joy. 

  • Marianne Vande Pol

    School District No. 73 Early Years Coordinator Primary Education Teacher for 22 years Masters in Education (Curriculum and Instruction) 


    With 22 years of experience working in Kindergarten to Grade 3 classrooms - inclusive, play-based, early childhood programming has been a priority and passion. During this time, Marianne has been utilizing her background in the Early Learning Framework as a tool for teaching and to promote healthy environments. Currently, Marianne is the School District's Early Years Coordinator, and she continues to engage in professional learning about inclusion, inquiry-based learning, and children's rights