Rebuilding the LLC collaborative model


LIke the phoenix that rises from the ashes, we need to make connections in the Library Learning Commons (LLC) to rise out of our past struggles. Recognizing the lack of connections directly with our students by going digital and losing our face-to-face access, we need to commit to taking small steps towards program advocacy. This means working towards the end of the limitations that Covid brought on.  This is a time for hope. We need to work towards a rebirth, a renewal and to rebuild the LLC collaborative model.  This session will address facilitating connections with our colleagues through a collaborative planning form and tasting menu, by using physical and digital resources in your LLC.

To Bring/Important Notes

Enthusiasm and the idea that you will leave with how to rejuvenate your collaborative program.  You may also wish to have a second device (like a cell phone) if you wish to participate in our Kahoot activity.


Friday 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM

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  • Keely Thornton

    Keely is a Teacher-Librarian at Monterey Middle School in Victoria. She has been an active member of the BCTLA for over a decade now and loves connecting kids with books, teachers with resources, and Teacher-Librarians with each other. You will usually find her manning the welcome table at the conference, presenting fun activities to do with books, or running the social so she can talk with as many of her fellow T-L’s as possible.

  • Marilyn Lunde

    Marilyn Lunde is a secondary Teacher Librarian at JL Crowe in Trail, BC who is hoping to keep up with all the initiatives that she wants to implement. She is about keeping connected and continuing to create a place of access in a world turned upside down. When not reading, walking and spending time with her bestie, she is hopeful that others are learning new ways to keep healthy and engaged.


  • Devika Chudy

    Devika has been a Teacher-Librarian for ten years at Golden Ears Elementary. She has recently completed her Master’s in Teacher-Librarianship at the University of Alberta. Dev is a master at costuming and connecting with students through her quirky personality. She’s also pretty good at the tech piece, as she rebuilt the BCTLA website during her position as Website Coordinator.